Older plane.dnm's problems

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Older plane.dnm's problems

Post by NavyGator » Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:28 am

I'm guessing that this is not the standard kind of request.
I've down-loaded some of the older add-on packs only to find
a few errors, or something, in the dyna-models. The add-ons
in question were done by YSMajor and Ki-98.

Major's 'Cessna Skymaster' models all contain vertical and
horizontal forms dividing the center-line(s) of their fuselages
and/or no exterior shells (viewed from cockpit) [It's like the
fuselage is transparent instead of the interior form]

Ki-98's 'Type 0 Ovserver F1M2' has a problem with the
propellor's axis being located at the outer perimeter of where
the propellor would be if it were in the correct place.

My request is: What do I need to do to get these otherwise
decent dnm's up-to-speed?

Thanks and a hat-tip

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Re: Older plane.dnm's problems

Post by Grigor » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:53 pm

"It's like the fuselage is transparent instead of the interior form"

This sounds like you're seeing the collision .srf file and not the .dnm. I have the "O-2_Skymaster" (push-and-pull propeller) in my collection and there's no problem. I've noted if you have no .dnm model to show (or it's named wrong in the air .lst file) YS will show the collision .srf instead.

The Ki98 plane I don't have, but I have seen some models come out with odd quirks like that which I fix manually. Dig into the .dnm file and look for references to propeller, etc... Are you familiar with the working of .dnm models? If not, just do a copy and manually change some of the numbers, see what they do. It'll be in the lower half of the .dnm. The top have contains data that draws the parts, the lower half determines where these parts go and what they do. Maybe a POS line that's wrong...

If you have any more question about .dnm's, ask away.

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