Runway Gradients

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Runway Gradients

Post by Iceman » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:25 am

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Runway Gradients

To make a gradiented runway, i.e, a runway that goes from gray, to black at the centreline, and grey again... you can do this

1)Create a gradiented polygon (MAP -> Insert Element). make the width about half and the runway length whole length, And grey for the outside of the runway, and black for the centre. the best idea is to create it so the black sides' edge is on the Y=0 line... so that x= X,y=0.

for example, the points (1600,-32) (1600,0) (-1600,-32) and (-1600,0)

from this... we understand that the center of this object is

(1600 + (-1600)) / 2... which = 0

and (-32 + 0) /2) = -16

therefore, x=0 and y=-16.

so, the centerpoint of this polygon is (0,-16)

2)now copy and paste this map element you made.

3)move the new polygon to (0,16)

... 16 is the positive of -16 (so pretty much... this is just an absolute number function. when y1=-16... y2=16... when y1=-24... y2=24...

4)By now you have two polygons...Gradienting from grey to black,then instantly to grey then gradients to black again... that isn't right is it?

Now rotate that map element 180 degress.
(MAP -> Rotate Selected Elements)

5) DONE! you can now export this runway as a scenery to save time later!

6) the alternative is to draw a line from (1600,-32) (1600,0) (-1600,-32) (-1600,32) (1600,0) (1600,32)... but other people may find this a bit to complex... and can be easy to mess up...
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