Basic things about Elevation Grid

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Basic things about Elevation Grid

Post by lorDuckFeet » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:02 pm

Information contained on this topic were taken from

Inserting An Elevation Grid
To insert an elevation grid, select "Edit" -> "Insert" -> "Elevation Grid", specify the region with the method explained in Input Rectangle, specify the number of grids in the dialog, and click "Insert Elv Grid" button (or press SPACE key).
(Specifying the region)

(Inserted Elevation Grid)

Selecting Nodes and Triangles
To specify elevation of nodes, select target nodes, and select "Elevation Grid" -> "Move Node". You can then elevate/lower nodes by the method explained in INPUT COORDINATE 2. Press SPACE key after moving nodes to the desired elevation.
(Specifying Elevation of Nodes)

Smoothing Elevation Grid
You can smooth elevation grid by selecting nodes that need to be fixed, and selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Laplacian Smoothing".

(Before smoothing)

(After smoothing)

Make Nodes/Triangles Zero Elevation
You can make selected node zero elevation by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Set Zero Elevation" -> "Selected Nodes".

You can make selected triangles zero elevation by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Set Zero Elevation" -> "Selected Faces".

Make Zero Elevation Triangles Invisible
You can make zero elevation triangles invisible by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Hide Flat Faces".

(Hiding Zero Elevation Triangles)

Showing/Hiding Selected Triangles
To hide (make invisible) selected triangles, select "Elevation Grid" -> "Hide Selected Faces".

To unhide (make visible) selected triangles, select "Elevation Grid" -> "Unhide Selected Faces".

Showing All Triangles
To make all triangles visible, select "Elevation Grid" -> "Unhide All Faces".

Specifying Color of the Elevation Grid
You can specify color of the elevation grid by choosing color with Color Dialog, and selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Paint All Faces".

Adjusting Triangulation
You can adjust triangulation so that the elevation grid will have less unnatural unevenness by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Apply Delaunay Triangulation".

Applying Color Gradation Based on the Elevation
You can set color gradation based on the elevation by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Apply Color Gradation". You can specify the color at the peak and at the foot of the elevation grid by the dialog shown below.

If you choose to apply color gradation, the color specified by Paint All Faces will not be shown. If you want to remove color gradation and use the color specified by Paint All Faces, select "Elevation Grid" -> "Flip Gradation Flag".

(Selecting colors at the peak and foot of the Elevation Grid)

(Example of gradation)

Showing/Hiding Side Walls
You can make side wall of the elevation grid by selecting "Elevation Grid" -> "Show/Hide Side Wall".


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Re: Basic things about Elevation Grid

Post by FrenchTOZT » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:40 pm

Nicely done, this should help out with any questions people have.
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Re: Basic things about Elevation Grid

Post by Shutter » Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:49 pm

Cool, thanks for making this!

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Re: Basic things about Elevation Grid

Post by Philster » Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:13 pm

This is from the help manual that comes with the ysflight scenery editor download. Very helpful that you added it to the forum. It should help others new to scenery editor.
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Re: Basic things about Elevation Grid

Post by NavyGator » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:01 am

I know I had to have read this portion of the help file AT LEAST half-a-dozen
times; but, it still seems to help everytime I re-read it. Thanks again.

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