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YSflight support FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about YSFlight
YSFlight Headquarters
Welcome to the YSFlight Community!
Here are some answers to commonly asked questions!

1. How do I get on a server?
A: Use the server list in conjunction with this guide and everything should be fine!

2. How do I install addons?
A: Like this!

3. I can't fly the aircraft I want on a server, why is this?
A: The aircraft available for use on a server are serverside

4. When I start up the game or go on a server, I sometimes have popups with errors that come up. This is annoying, how do I fix it?
A: This is most likely a .Lst file error or an addon you installed wrong.

5. When I fly on servers there are these big grey blocky looking planes. What the heck?
A: these are aircraft from addon packs that you don't have. The game generates those models so that you can see something there without crashing the game.

6. I'm trying to start a server, but can't figure out how!
A: This should help.

7. Everyone on a server is killing me for "breaking the rules." What rules?
A: These rules.

8. I want to take a screenshot or video of ysflight. What should I do?
A: For screenshots, go here. For videos, you can try this out.

9. What's the difference between fsmaino (openGL) and fsmainx (direct3d)?
A: Have a look at this article about the rendering engine.

10. I found a bug in ysflight! What do I do?
A: Report it in this forum.
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