Random questions about anything NEAR and IN the realm of YSFlight

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Random questions about anything NEAR and IN the realm of YSFlight

Post by AdityaB » Sat May 14, 2016 2:59 am

1) when inserting text in the scenery editor, I can see an tickbox for 'vertical' text; what does this do?
2) How do i import two sceneries?
3) CIVAV online chat client (Channel is #OpenYS)
4) .DAT variables
5) CLA tables
6) OfficerFlake's: Guide for starting off on modding
7) Tutorials
8.1) DD-Destroyer: How to make ground objects.
8.2) AdityaB: How to make ground objects.
9) What is "Fly heading Bug"?

Hello all,

I thought it's best to start a topics like this, so that questions that might not have filled before or to make searches easier for glitch readdressal, and so that small and basic questions/tit-bits which have answers like yes or no and single liners are not lost in the YS Mini Chat :)
I hope its ok to start this topic....
Administrators have full control and can make this topic hosted by YSFHQ Official user or/and deleting the topic (if useless) or/and sticky the topic under YS Support :)

I started this topic because of the many small and basic questions asked in Mini Chat, and many making the point of "this could be a thread"... ;)
No offence meant anywhere
This thread can have questions like:
"Is this possible?"
"how is this done?"
"how is this corrected?"
"where is this found?"
"maybe we can have this..."
etc, etc, etc

Please keep questions related near to or in YS Flight ...
like: small and tiny doubts/questions in YSF, blender, scenery editor, 3rd party programs....

The spoiler: FAQ ON YSF, will be updated with the most frequently questions for newbies, unregistered communities, users who have got to familiarize with YSF addon creation.....
I request the Administrators to also update the spoiler for FAQ (Thank you :) ) as Administrators have full control
So go ahead and type in your queries you have (file them) on this thread instead of Mini Chat :)

Regards :)
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