[SCENERY] Central Mediterranean Islands (fictional)

i.e. airports, maps, race courses, carrier fleets, etc.
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Re: [SCENERY] Central Mediterranean Islands (fictional)

Post by Flake » Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:43 am

Below you will find the instructions for installing my Central Mediterranean Islands (CMI) map and some more.

My map pack follows the "user/..." folder structure that is present in nearly every YSFS installation, and that nearly everyone is familiar with.

Option 1:
If you already have my map pack, just extract the .fld and .stp files and place them into your existing TF_CivCoMP folder (which will be in your user folder). Then put the following line into sceTF_CivCoMP.lst:

[TFan]CMI user/TF_CivCoMP/Central_Mediterranean_Islands.fld user/TF_CivCoMP/Central_Mediterranean_Islands.stp

Option 2:
If you don't have my map pack already, and you just want CMI, simply place the .fld and .stp files into the default scenery folder, then place the following line into your default scenery.lst:

[TFan]CMI scenery/Central_Mediterranean_Islands.fld scenery/Central_Mediterranean_Islands.stp

Option 3:
If you don't have my map pack but you want all of my maps, plus CMI, I recommend you first download and install my original map pack (which you'll find on YSFHQ, in the "Addon Packs" section). Then, just follow the instructions given in Option 1 above.
For the record, I highly condemn this addon packaging practice.

Every addon release should have at least 1 list file and everything should be placed in the user folders.

Editing the default scenery.lst files etc, and placing packs in the scenery folder is quite unprofessional.

You shouldn't have to be a YSF expert to install an addon. This is why I pack all my work to be drag and drop compatible.

I wonder how many people downloaded this addon and thought "screw this..."?

Don't get me wrong, the addon is nice, but why pack it in such an archaic manner?
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Re: [SCENERY] Central Mediterranean Islands (fictional)

Post by Gunny » Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:54 pm

I have to agree Turbo my friend a newbie would be completely perplexed by your install structure.To be honest it threw me initially.

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Re: [SCENERY] Central Mediterranean Islands (fictional)

Post by Turbofan » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:54 pm

Appreciate the feedback. Making it complicated was unintentional but what I was trying to do was give people options based on some factors.

I have changed the installation. There is a user folder in the .zip folder now, which contains TF_CMI, which you just have to drag/drop to your user folder, and a sceTF_CMI.lst, which you just drag/drop to your default scenery folder. I re-named both, the .lst and the folder to prevent an over-write of the previous map pack in case anyone has it installed. Both links (Mediafire and site-hosted) have this change. :)
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