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YSATC tips for pilots

Post by Turbofan » Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:27 pm

I have realized that for YSATC events to go smoothly, controllers and pilots need to be on the same page when it comes to ATC instructions. With that in mind, I have a list of tips here that I think will get everyone synchronized. I'm keeping it simple, in accordance with the YSATC document which can be found here.

**Pilots are not required to read the YSATC document (after all it is a manual for YSATC controllers). That being said, it is great if you are not in YSATC and read it anyway, because that will help all parties - you, the pilots, and the controllers. At least a quick read-through of the chapter on clearance delivery (C.R.H.A.F.) and some of the ground/tower/Terminal Area Control will not only put you on the same page, it will help YSATC controllers tremendously since you will know what to expect during ATC sessions and civilian flight events.**

1. All pilots should read back ATC instructions (including clearance delivery when it is issued). There's no need to read back the wind conditions if a controller states wind conditions.
2. Remember - one at a time. There have been plenty of times on servers when people talk over each other at the same time and I cannot understand what anyone is saying. If you've been waiting for a while, I understand but patience is key. Be respectful to others on Teamspeak. If you can't wait any longer use the text chat - it is a great option during busy periods. Controllers will see your message and be able to respond much quicker without you having to wonder when you can "jump in."
3. A simple flight plan (again, on the lines of C.R.H.A.F.) will be required for any pilot who wishes to join a server for an ATC session or flight event. There will be a topic on how to do this at a later date. Don't worry about it for now.
4. When you connect to a server for a flight event, it is **highly encouraged** that you log in with your callsign, not your username. This will help controllers (and you) quite a bit by reducing the amount of time it takes to identify flights and their callsigns.
5. Terminal Area Control (T.A.C.) - if there is a controller assigned for T.A.C. at a given airport and you are inbound to that airport, the only requirement is that you contact them when you are 25 miles from that airport. Obviously you'll need to start descent much before that, so you should do your thing (fly as you need to), just announce your callsign, and your altitude you're currently at (it's ok, the controller will know you're already descending).


"Honolulu approach, 'Ohana six fourty eight with you out of flight level one-two-zero." The T.A.C. controller will take it from there.

Simple enough right? (I hope!). If you have any questions/suggestions/comments feel free to post them here.

I may edit this post on an as-and-when needed basis based on feedback or any other necessities.
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