YSFHQ.com 4.0 - Alpha Release

Announcements which were previously posted on our Drupal and WordPress blogs.
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YSFHQ.com 4.0 - Alpha Release

Post by Eric » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:24 am

Hello YSFlight Headquarters,

I am proud to announce that as of 12:00AM EST on August 5th, YSFHQ has officially transitioned to WordPress as our new content management system. Over the past few weeks, the YSFHQ 4.0 team has been working on a brand-new website, and now I am proud to present the first release of it. This is an alpha version, which means only the Home and Blog pages are working. All other pages are either empty or lead off-site. However, I encourage you to look around and check for any errors/typos that may be present. Try testing it out on your mobile device, as this is a new responsive design! Try logging into the site as well!

Looking towards the future, we hope to have at least 80% of pages complete by the end of August. I would like to thank the entire Project Kaizen team for helping to bring these pages online. If you would like to help add some content and you are not on Project Kaizen, please PM me and we can talk.

Again, I am excited to present the very first release of YSFHQ 4.0. We're moving towards bigger and better things.

Eric Tendian
Chief Technology Officer
YSFlight Headquarters
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Re: YSFHQ.com 4.0 - Alpha Release

Post by Martin-Dutchie » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:36 am

The drop-down navigation menu is a bit unresponsive, probably because of the video on the page lagging the whole page down. Maybe hide the video inside something or link it away from the page? (Tip: Changing it to a link to http://www.youtube.com/... should trigger the Android Intents and on iOS open it in the YT-app)


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