YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kaizen

Announcements which were previously posted on our Drupal and WordPress blogs.
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YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kaizen

Post by Eric » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:09 pm

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For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Eric Tendian
Chief Technology Officer

- Revitalization project enters final stages as YSFlight Headquarters prepares for official launch -

CHICAGO, Illinois, U.S.A. (September 23, 2013) — Recently concluding summer in the Northern hemisphere, YSFlight Headquarters is getting ready for the official launch of the redesigned website, in addition to announcing progress on their summer revitalization project. Project Kaizen, whose namesake "Kaizen" comes from the Japanese word for improvement, was proposed back in late June by Chief Technology Officer Eric Tendian. Throughout the last few months, YSFHQ staff have been hard at work bringing the community back to its former glory as well as introducing some new initiatives to renew interest. A summary of the improvements that have been made is as follows:
  • A redesigned and faster website powered by WordPress, which includes more information about YSFlight, links to YSUpload, tutorials, etc. Content still needs to be added, but the page structure is complete.
  • Additional incentives, such as combat kill counts, flying hours logged for virtual airlines, and more airshows for aerobatic teams. This has caused many combat squadrons to start up again, and a few squad wars are going on right now.
  • A reorganized forum, which moved all modding aspects to YSUpload, YSFHQ's official addon upload platform and the premier source for YSFlight addons, to allow for the YSFHQ forums to focus on discussing gameplay and ways to enjoy all that the simulator offers. YSUpload's forums are currently an annex of the forum.ysfhq.com space, denoted by a tab separating the two forums.
  • High quality videos and screenshots, submitted as part of the YSFlight Screenshot Scavenger Hunt. All screenshots will be posted on YSFHQ.com, either on the homepage or under various subcategories. New promotional videos have been released, one of which is featured as the YSFHQ Aerobatics promo video.
  • A more rich knowledgebase, which brings the great tutorials found on the YSFHQ forums and moves them to the YSFHQ Wiki where they can be more easily searched and edited. The YSFHQ Wiki has also undergone reorganization to accommodate the new articles.
The Project Kaizen team will continue to work to bring even more improvements to the YSFHQ community, with the addition of even more content on YSFHQ.com for new players. Furthermore, there will be changes to the forum as YSUpload's section becomes more distinct. Additionally, we hope to offer an updated serverlist that will have a cleaner user interface for mobile devices. Some of these changes may not arrive until Winter 2013/14, but the team will try their best to release them.

You can follow our progress via Facebook/Twitter as we prepare for launch, as well as by visiting the YSFHQ Engineering Blog located at engineering.ysfhq.com. While work and school are in full swing, the dedicated staff members choose to take an hour or two out of their day to assist in completing this massive initiative. Note: We are looking for more developers! If you would like to help, contact Eric - refer to contact details above.

Interested parties can read more about Project Kaizen at the official forum thread located on the YSFHQ forums. For additional inquiries, please email [url=mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url].
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Re: YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kai

Post by Stingx » Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:41 pm


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Re: YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kai

Post by iqmal_97 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:17 pm


Can't wait till the launch. My congrats and most sincere thanks to all of those who have contributed.
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Re: YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kai

Post by Shiny Rice » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:10 pm

As Gabe Newell would say: After 10.000 years in development, hopefully it has been worth the weight.
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Re: YSFlight Headquarters enters final stages of Project Kai

Post by Talon » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:41 am

Caught my attention with your email, Eric. Great look, already! I'm interested to see how deep the integration between website, mod DB, and forum goes.


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