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START HERE - What you need to know

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:56 am
Getting Started
YSFlight Headquarters
Welcome to the YSFlight Community!
Here are a few guides to get you started flying YSFlight

Welcome! YSFlight has a small but deep community across the globe. YSFHQ is the English-speaking hub and one of the largest communities. Currently the other main YSFlight community is the Japanese-speaking 2ch.
  • The game was created by Soji Yamakawa ( in 1999 and has been updated over the years to add different features. The latest version was released in 2018.
  • YSFHQ is run by community members and includes, the Wikia, and a Discord Server.
  • The game was created without textures. Mesh cuts and face colour give aircraft their precise paint schemes. This can be a little more involved than texture work. You can learn how to make addons from tutorials posted on YSFHQ!
  • The game has multiplayer support. Community members are run the servers. You can find online servers on the YSFHQ Server List. Here's how to connect.
    • Online servers today use the 20150425 version (20151023 for Mac) of YSFlight (the latest version is rather buggy). You can download the 20150425/20151023 version at

Quick links:
Installing YSFlight
Finding addons
Installing addons
Frequently asked questions
Additional troubleshooting
Additional learning
Joining A Server