i.e. airports, maps, race courses, carrier fleets, etc.
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Post by K2W » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:11 am

Now, I introduce my new scenery FaroeIslands which is on North Atlantic between Britains and Iceland.
It has one airfield and some Helipads surrounded by splendid cliffs which shaved with glaciers and sea waves.

You can get it from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SPC1-a ... sp=sharing.
It will be collected in CKPmap after a littele while. After then, you should get it from there.

This add-on include 3 sceneries as below,
"FaroeIslands" = for normal flights
"FaroeRace" = for air race
"ICELANDFAROE" = fusion map of Iceland and Faroe Islands. for long flights. Faroe Islands are about 125deg 270nm from INGO VOR of Iceland.


1. Rings of "FaroeRace" are cited from "York Valley" by Makoto. And Other Objects on this sceneries are based on the assumption that you installed default ground objects and aircrafts and ones of CKPmaps correctly.

2. "ICELANDFAROE" scenery is also based on the assumption that "ICELAND" scenery of CKPmaps is installed correctly.

3. For a bug of YSFLIGHT Ver.20150425 or before, a part of terrains in Vagar Airport can't be expressed correctly with OpenGL2.0 edition of those version.
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2018_03_18 15_07_00.png
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (Direct3D9) 2018_01_18 21_15_21.png

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