YS Dark Blazes Recruitment

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YS Dark Blazes Recruitment

Post by Deleted User 1872 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:53 pm

[dropshadow=blue]YS DARK BLAZES DEMONSTRATION TEAM[/dropshadow]

Hello all. Apparently, the YS Dark Blazes have lost a member and we are trying to find someone else to help with the team. :( Right now only 2 pilots and a narrator are assigned to the team, but we need a third pilot. We are looking for a teammate that is good at formations, loves YS Aerobatics, and has the time to practice on specific times. Information on the routine and practice dates are below:


Saturday -1st
Monday - 3rd
Saturday - 8th
Monday - 10th
Saturday - 22nd
Monday - 24th

Saturday - 1st
Monday - 3rd


Start Up & Taxi To Runway
Pilot Introduction/Takeoff Checks
Dark Blaze #1 & #2 Formation Takeoff
Dark Blaze #3 Roll On Takeoff
Opposing Split at Showcenter
Solo Aileron Rolls
Opposing Knife-Edge Pass
Solo Inverted To Inverted
Opposing Four-Point Roll
Solo Eight-Point Hesitation Roll
Opposing Low Transition w/ Half Cuban Inverted & Horizontal
Wing Walk w/ Sneak Pass
Wedge Bottom-Up-Pass
Wedge 270 Loop w/ Breakout
Smoke Heart
Taxi back & Shut Down


YSDB#1 (Commander) - DTango234
YSDB#2 (Left Wing) - (Slot Open)
YSDB#3 (Right Wing) - MD5Ray01
YSDB#4 (Narrator) - OfficerFlake

The YS Dark Blazes are a newly formed team that began on November of 2013. They are here on YSFlight to inspire other YS members in YS Aerobatics and spread the word about YSFlight Simulator, a free Flight Simulator.
The YSDB team uses 3 F-16C Block 50 aircraft. The F-16 has a fly-by wire system, which gives us the power to fly the formations that we fly. The F-16 is a Multirole Fighter and is a great Air Force aircraft used by many countries. In the future, the YS Dark Blazes might upgrade to the newest F-16C Blk 52+ Fighting Falcon used currently by the Hellenic Air Force, Polish Air Force, and the Chilean Air Force.

Remember, if you want to join, just write it down below as a request, PM me (Dtpilot247) or email me here

To previous YS Aerobatic teams that have started in 2007, and have passed.
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Re: YS Dark Blazes Recruitment

Post by Venom » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:03 pm

Good luck DT. On behalf of the Blue Dolphins, I wish you the best in finding a third pilot! :D

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Re: YS Dark Blazes Recruitment

Post by Eric » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:05 am

Good luck DT, I hope the team succeeds. Also, please avoid posting your personal Gmail address publicly - spambots can take it and worse. I've edited the original post to make use of the email proxy feature the board uses.

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