What the YS?!

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What the YS?!

Post by HawkbitAlpha »

Looks like airshow videos aren't the only thing I've adopted from Rice nowadays! "What the YS?!" is (and in Rice's original run of it, was) a video series meant for immortalizing the various entertaining and wacky moments that go down in multiplayer YS, and that can include anything from hilarious chat conversations to, say, Star Destroyers dogfighting and taking out all of Hawaii with them. I'll be posting the videos in this thread when they come up. Here's what we so have so far:

#1: "Need For Speed: Afterburner" - The after-party of the Chicago airshow, in which we all decide to have an impromptu street race. In jets.

#2: "The Pedestal" - At the end of an FNF, Decaff decides to mess around and climb atop the terminal. Naturally, we can't just leave him alone up there.

#3: "Those Magnificent Men in Their Vodka Machines" - The latest SNF, an alcohol-heavy flight from Russia to North Korea, culminating in even more terminal-based chaos.


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