Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack (SP) 1

Large packs consisting of more than one type of aircraft.
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Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack (SP) 1

Post by FreezingFalcon » Sun Jan 02, 2022 5:37 pm


Welcome to the launch of Abel Jets Group's Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack 1 update.

We just cannot believe that it has been a year since the groundbreaking Fleet Pack 8.0 was released to the public. Ever since we have received numerous feedback and suggestions from multiple YSFlight communities regarding things that can be improved within Fleet Pack 8.0. Those inputs culminated in efforts of bug troubleshooting and the development of the Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) that you have just downloaded. Service Pack 1 does not only pack patches to seal off the bugs in Fleet Pack 8.0, but it also contains new subsidiaries, special liveries, and aircraft types that you can take to the skies.

2021 had been an outstanding year for all of us in Abel Jets Virtual Group – due to the challenges it gave, as well as the opportunities it provided. The release of Turbofan’s Central Mediterranean Islands – Extended (CMI-E) Abel Jets Version Scenery earlier in 2021 in midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic provided the virtual business group with a fresh restart on its home base – one that needed urgent revitalization after Fleet Pack 8.0 was released. The institution of Mahou Air VA (MAVA), StarLight VA, and Rianto Company into Abel Jets Virtual Group provided us with new horizons in multiple sectors. At the end of 2021, the virtual business group had its eighth birthday, still standing as it was and a testament to many things that have had occurred in the past eight years. On the other hand, we would like to thank everyone that had participated in the development of the service pack, or simply put, we just cannot thank you enough.

As the earth proceeds to complete another revolution around the sun, we are excited and hopeful for what lies ahead in 2022, the new opportunities and adventures for all of us. Please stay safe and take care of your loved ones as we are still navigating through these trying times – keep fighting for a better future that lies ahead of this pandemic. We would also like to hope that this Service Pack removes most if not all the bugs that were found in Fleet Pack 8.0, as well as collect all inputs that were provided by numerous YSFlight aviators.



MahouAir Virtual Airline (MAVA):
MahouAir VA (officially known as MahouAir Virtual Airline, abbreviated MAVA) is a virtual airline that operates canonically out of Mahora, Japan, with ancillary hubs in Cincinnati, Paris, Jakarta, Sochi, Vancouver, London, and Sydney. It was founded by Nodoka Hanamura in 2016 in response to the ever-growing Civil Aviation community in YSFlight with assistance from Lucas1997, who was given the position of Chief Operations Officer. It had 60+ destinations and used to operate three subsidiaries, MahouAir Logistics, MahouAir Link, and MahouAir Elite. It went defunct not so long after, and ever since there have had been plans to reactivate the virtual airline, but none came into fruition. Until in May 2021, the virtual airline was resurrected by Abel Jets Virtual Group after talks with Nodoka were performed. Under AJVG's umbrella, the all-new MAVA extends the virtual business group's hands to the Far East market sector, as MAVA primarily operates out from the fictional Mahora City International Airport in Japan. The new MAVA is composed of four main subsidiaries. MahouAir flies domestic routes within Japan as well as short-to-medium-haul international routes such as to South Korea and China. MahouAir International handles long-range intercontinental routes with its wide-body fleet of aircraft. MahouAir Link connects small towns and to bigger cities in Japan -- the virtual airline's commuter subsidiary. MahouAir Cargo, as its name suggests, is the freighter subsidiary of MAVA. Mahou Elite, on the other hand, is an executive subsidiary on par with Abel Executive, as well as the revival of MahouAir Elite. All MAVA airplanes bear nose names that end with the word "Breeze" and all of them are registered in Japan. More in YSFlightSim Wiki.

StarLight Virtual Airline (SLVA):
StarLight VA is a low-cost carrier (LCC) that flies out from the UK and around Europe to "somewhat secret" routes that other European LCCs have yet to set their foot on - although it also operates long-haul routes to multiple destinations worldwide during holiday seasons with its wide-body aircraft. The virtual airline is owned by YSFlight Indonesia Division (YSF-ID) member Reuben Billy who started the VA via AJVG's Mandiola Aviation Clear Holdings (M. A. C. H.) program. Albeit possessing an older and "unique" fleet (which some aircraft such as the Yak-42D are painted with #AvGeekExperience hashtags to identify that they are "unique" and rarely can be seen), they are routinely inspected in AJVG's Abel Maintenance Facility (AMF) in Linbury. It also has "Brushing the night with sun" as its tagline to further emphasize its name. All StarLight VA airplanes bear star-related nose names, no pun intended, and most of them are British-registered.

Rianto Company (RC):
Rianto Company is a fictional multinational corporation that runs on logistics, oil and gas, mineral mining, and international trade. It has a fleet of executive transports that does not have a hub nor a base that it mainly operates from since its fleet is stationed worldwide and can be called into service whenever RC top-brasses need a lift. It was founded by a YSF-ID member, Deval Riantoro, who trusts Abel Jets Virtual Group to operate the organization's fleet within YSFlight. Unlike other Abel Jets Virtual Group-owned and/or operated aircraft, RC's fleet possesses no nose names.



This time around, we are adding a new tagline into our business group, named "Progress to Integrate". We decided to take "Progress to Integrate" since the business group possesses a massive fleet and thousands of routes around the globe that need to be arranged and united within a system to streamline things up. The tagline also brings in the new Integrated Fleet Database. It is a system (basically a Google Spreadsheet) that is made to track the virtual business group's fleet development progress and operational status - as well as to aid future bug troubleshooting. The Integrated Fleet Database which has had been in development for quite a long time is now available to be publicly accessed through this link: https://bit.ly/AJVGIntegratedFleetDatabase



Rest assured, it is truly impossible that we could be able to complete this service pack without the assistance of the outstanding YSFlight modders and communities. All credits are provided within the handbook that is available within any of the compressed archive files in the download link below. This is done due to the almost endless amount of people who lent their hands in the development of this expansion and to curtail the length of this post.

Available in the compressed archive files are the Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack 1 itself, the Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 Service Pack 1 Handbook that includes several words from the executives of Abel Jets Group, the credits for everyone who have assisted us, and the installation manual for this service pack. Also provided within the compressed archive files is the AJVG Fleet Guidebook, bonus content in the form of diagrams that contains descriptions and pictures of all vehicles within Abel Jets Virtual Group to inform about the organizational structure of Abel Jets Virtual Group and its subsidiaries.

All aircraft within the service pack has also been provided with substitute names to not crash online YSFlight pilots’ computers in case that they do not possess this fleet pack. Every single aircraft within this service pack also possess high strength and tons of flares (except for Abel Cosmos’ B747-400-LVC, B777-200ER-LVC, and Abel Fire and Rescue's B737-900ER Air Carrier) to increase the odds of surviving from vulchers’ attacks and trollers in YSFlight servers.

This fleet pack will not work in YSFlight version 20110207 and lower due to the presence of custom “weapons” skins on every single aircraft within the pack.



There are two pack types that you can choose to download and install. The first one is the "patch" type, download this one if you had previously installed Abel Jets Virtual Group's Fleet Pack 8.0 within your machine, this is the lighter version of the Service Pack 1 which only includes updates to the contents within Fleet Pack 8.0 and new subsidiaries as well as vehicles within the virtual business group. The second pack type is the full installation one, download this version if you are yet to install the base Fleet Pack 8.0 that was released last year. Albeit heavier, this version also includes the base pack so you will not need to download it separately.

Three compressed archive files are available within each of the pack types - all are the same stuff. The only differences are their compression quality, with the smallest one in file size being in the .7z format, followed by the one in the .rar format, and the final one in the .zip format. This is due to the immense size of the whole pack itself when uncompressed. Please select one that suits you the best. Also provided in the compressed archive files is a version of the “air list” that has been specifically tuned for those who use Linux machines - so no need to manually change every single “/“-s to “\” -s.



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