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We need your help! | YSCE Bug Hunt

Post by Nodoka Hanamura »

Hey there everyone.

Whilst I or anyone else on the team hasn't made an announcement for the project proper just yet, we (YSCE Development Committee) are asking for your help.

As is the part and parcel tasks of developing forked software, YSFlight Community Edition, which is a project me and many others are working on - will inherit a lot of problems from original YSFlight. As a result, we're needing your help to catalog bugs and issues with the game that need to be addressed.

Please note - WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING FEATURE REQUESTS AT THIS TIME. Our priority right now is to catalog all bugs with YSFlight that most likely affect our current codebase.

If you can, please go to the YSCE Repository on Github, create an account if you do not have one already, and report bugs that you know of, and even can find while playing if you just want to go break things for us. :D

We only ask that you provide bugs confirmed to be in the latest public version of YSFlight. We will test these bugs ourselves in development builds to confirm if they're reproducible in YSCE. If you know how to build YSFlight from source, then feel free to do so by building YSCE itself.

If you do not wish to go onto Github, then please submit bugs through this thread. We will be moving those reports over to our issue system there.


Bug Title:

What is the issue?:

How do you replicate the issue?:

What are your system specifications?:

Are you using YSFlight's latest version or are you running YSCE?:

Can you provide links to screenshots or video showing the issue? (Optional):

P.S. - Remember kids, don't rush out production. Or you'll forget to link stuff.
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