YS gunnery

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YS gunnery

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This is a simple guide on hitting things with your gun. Because apparently it's hard.

1. Zoom in a little
Zooming in gives you a better view of where the gunsight is in a2a, and a better view of the crosshair in a2g. Experiment so that you find a good amount of zoom to consistently hit things without losing situational awareness.

2. Account for gravity at long ranges
When shooting at the upper reaches of your gun's effective range (before the ammo magically vanishes) you need to account for the fact that your bullets are often a good deal off-center and fall towards the ground a bit. Important if you're sniping ground targets with guns.

3. Don't manage your ammo
When you first start using guns regularly, dont bother conserving ammo. Just fire away. Once you can hit things consistently at high speeds, high aspect, in loose turns and moving on the ground, THEN start doing controlled bursts. Remember, the golden rule of gunnery is that it's not worth shit if you can line up a shot but dont take it.

4. Practice
Try combat in ww2 fighters a bit. They have no gunsight, so after a while you get an instinctive feel for where your bullets are going to hit. There's also a mission in the "other" addons section to practice your gunnery skills on AI.

5. Know your gun
Always know if your gun is fast/slow firing, high/standard damage, high/low ammo and whether or not it's a gun or fixed turret. Get a feel for how off-center it is. This knowledge will eventually come in handy to plan your bursts in such a way that you know it'll be effective.

6. Eyes and ears
Sometimes servers register a kill but dont remove the option from play right away due to lag. Make sure to know more or less how much "strength" something has and listen for the sound ys makes when you hit something with a bullet, to keep track of what's dead or alive. It's also a good way of knowing if you actually hit something when sniping from far away enough to not see the explosion. Make sure to also watch your tracers at longer ranges, they're your only indicator of where you are shooting at.

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