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strike profiles

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[box2][box1]Though the most commonly used attack with the 500 lb bombs is the dive bombing attack due to the time you have to line up the bomb, it is often more effective to use these somewhat more difficult profiles to come in and do the bombing strike.[/box1]

[box1]1. The hi-lo-hi
This profile allows you to approach the target with great speed. Hit your cruising altitude and accelerate to your aircraft's maximum speed. If the defenses are only AAA, come in at least over 10k feet. If there are stock sams, come in over 40k feet to avoid fire. Once you are nearly over the target, initiate a shallow diving attack at a high speed, release your payload, and ascend back to a safe altitude. Can have dive bombing attacks mixed in.[/box1]

[box1]2. The lo-lo-lo
This is the standard profile for weapons other than bombs, such as rockets, agm's and guns. Come in too low for the enemy to hit you, snipe the targets, and come out low. This is the standard for most players, as it is often just as effective as bombs without necessitating the same degree of precision, planning and skill.[/box1]

[box1]3. The lo-lo-hi
Traditional favorite for fighter bombers. Come in too low for the defenses to murder you, pop up to about 550 feet over the target, drop your bombs, hit the deck again once you're clear from the blast radius (if you're too close and under 500 feet, you'll blow yourself out of the sky) and escape without getting lit up. Once you're clear, climb to your cruising altitude and reach a good escape speed.[/box1][/box2]

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