Hangar VEM - Modeling and Painting an Aircraft

Learn to make aircraft, maps and more with all of the tools. All the tutorials you will ever need are located here!
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Hangar VEM - Modeling and Painting an Aircraft

Post by lorDuckFeet » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:50 pm

Hello welcome to the tutorial on Painting and Modeling

[We recommend that you already know the basics of Blender, if you are unsure please visit this same section of the forum the necessary things for Blender]

The following is a basic tutorial on how to paint and model, the model used for this tutorial will be an Airbus A300 OWL.
Getting Started:

1 - Exporting to aircraft.

a) Click FILE> IMPORT> Select surf (. srf) and DynaModel (. dnm)

b) Once you have made ​​the step (A), you will see a table below, where Import SRF/DNM. Paste the address where it is located in the files of the aircraft.

c) Click Import SRF / DNM


d) the aircraft will appear as the image above, but not exactly so, you must select the method of visualization that is on the right side of the Object Mode!

e) Select the aircraft fuselage

f) The aircraft is not the same as the image below to stay so you should select the last two squares that are at the bottom!


2 - Starting modeling.

a) After the aircraft have been like the above image you should select the parts of it!

b) To select the parts you must press this key Image more to the Right Mouse Button to select the parts of the aircraft.

c) Once you have selected parties will be like the image below:


d) [ You must select the two parts that can be modeled both sides of the aircraft also! ]

3 - Let's start modeling!

a) Once you have chosen the parts of the aircraft (in this example I chose part of the fuselage!), we start modeling!

b) Press the letter "K"

c) Select: Knife (Exact)


d) Select the part you want to cut and press Enter!

e) It will be a line like the image below:


4 - Starting to paint the aircraft!

a) Select Vertex Paint and select the parts where you want to paint the aircraft. (Also select "Buttons Windows" which is located at the bottom on the left! You must select this button so you can show the information in the table below!


b) After the parties have selected press down color "SetvCol" will look like the image below:


c) Do the same with the other parties by selecting it as the image below:


d) Once you have selected click "SetVcol" and will look like this:


e) Click Object Mode to select or view the plane, in this case wanted to repaint the part of the rear wing of the plane.


5 - Conclusion

After having modeled and painted the model to save, click File> Import> surf (. Srf) and DynaModel (. Dnm)

a) put back the address of the folder where the plane is located and click Import.

This tutorial was developed by Hangar VEM, visit our website to better recognize our work.


"Comments and questions will be well received!"

- Health, Lucas (pilot)

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