How to run a server - General advice on managing a server

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How to run a server - General advice on managing a server

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Ok, so if you've used my other tutorial you should hopefully have figured out how to run a server in YSFlight.
This guide can be found here:

Ok, so I've been running a server for a little while and there are some things that I've picked up which will help you manage your new server.

24/7 or Hourly
Is your server going to be on all the time, or just for fun every now and then? The bigger servers, such as Erict15 and 42South are 24/7. This attracts more people as it gives the users a sense of regularity - they can go online and expect the server to be there. Obviously running a 24/7 server is a fairly big commitment and means that your machine will need to run day and night, using your network allowance as well. A hourly server is a server that may be online for set periods of time, on certain days, or whenever the host feels like it. These servers are often exclusive, such as the FAVA server and don't receive as much traffic as a 24/7 server. An upside is that there is less machine and network usage.

With your server online, you want some rules to create some order online. The following rules are considered standard rules in YSFlight:
No killing civilian aircraft.
No killing aircraft on runways. - Vulching
If someone dispenses three flares in very rapid succession, it means they wish to disengage.
If there is an event going on, do not disrupt it.
Listen to server admins.

I typically try and keep the amount of rules to a minimum. Rarely people go to the server page and looks up the rules. On 42South the only rules I enforce are no civilian killing or Vulching, unless it was agreed upon by both people. Having a long list of rules will only make it hard to control and your life hell when people PM you complaining of rule breakers.

This is simple. Do not, whatever you do, put every single addon you've ever downloaded into a server. The last time I checked how many aircraft I have installed was in 2008 and it was close to 4000. If I installed 4000 planes on 42South, every time someone joined the server then those aircraft would need to be checked. Once the list is fully checked, you're logged in. The more addons, the longer the login time and vice versa. Use the major packs; Taskforce 58, GAC, Major, squads/VAs, etc... More often then not, less than 100 planes are used online... Ever. Addons directly affect the login speed.

Internet speed
All depends on your clients and what you're using it for. A VA server doesn't need as higher connection speed as there isn't as much close contact between different clients. A military orientated server, with fast moving aircraft and weapons, needs a fast server connection. Aerobatics, formation flying, etc.. Also require a good connection to reduce lag. The more clients you have joined to the server, the greater the Internet speed you'll need.

A standard VA connection with 1 or 2 people online could be as low as DL: 1.2mbps UL: 0.2mbps It'd be slow, but would work fairly well.

At the other end:

I've had 14 people flying on 42South with some small lag. My server has a high connection speed and was able to handle it. DL:94mbps UL: 70mbps

A big part of running a server. You need people you can turn to when there is an issue on the server and you can't get there to sort it. 42South uses 4 Administrators; Doomsday, Philster, Rine and Shine and me. I'm currently the only one who has access to the server controls. So, to give my admins the authority to do their job, I created the 42South Admin Plane. It's indestructible, 30000 bullets, 6000 flares, Mach 20 in a straight line, stops in midair, unlimited weapons, etc... You get the picture. I made it, installed it on the server and sent these guys the link. This way, only we can use it.

Ever wondered why Erict and 42South always use stock maps like Hawaii or Tohoku? It's simple really, everyone has these maps. If we ran custom maps, people can't join the server unless they have the map. So, to maximise the people that can join, we use stock.

Hopefully this helps a few people. Feel free to ask questions or make comments below.
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