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Penguin Airways VA
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Post by Hazard » Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:52 am

Random question: why is it that modders that create planes with doors that can be opened (primarily in civilian planes) use the bomb bay door control rather than the door control? By default, YS sets 1 for bomb bay door and ; (semicolon) for "all doors", with the option to add left door, right door, and rear door separate. I know right now it would awkward to not use the bomb bay door control for it, since it's been used long before I even opened any door on YS, so some modders might take it as "that's how it is" since that's how they came and saw it, but for those with other reasons, why? :?:

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Re: Doors

Post by Flake » Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:13 am

I think the doors are for ground objects only? No new "door" cls for aircraft?

EDIT: I'll clarify a bit: For example, the ground might use CLA 10/11/12 for doors, which are already used by aircraft for example.
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Re: Doors

Post by vandal » Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:52 pm

Could it be age of the add-on? IF they were made before the door function was officially added they wouldn't make use of it.
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Re: Doors

Post by Neocon » Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:56 pm

What door function? What cla? I just learned this month about the nav light functions.

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Re: Doors

Post by decaff_42 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:05 pm

I believe that the doors might be a new part of player controlled ground vehicles like the jeep and whatnot. Check out the YSWiki page about CLA's for more info about this.
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