[MISC] HotelFox ground objects

i.e. cars, trucks, trains, flying shampoo bottles, etc.
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[MISC] HotelFox ground objects

Post by waspe414 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:32 pm

HotelFox ground objects
Category: Misc


Amazing ground objects from HotelFox over at http://www.cleared4takeoff.de (site broke, HF offered us these so they're uploaded somewhere). "I am not familiar with the present version of YS, thus it wouldn’ t make sense if users would ask me questions with regard to issues related to the current version. However if there will be questions regarding any objects etc. you may forward these to [email protected]cleared4takeoff.de As I don’ t have too much spare time left I won’ t get back on requests like ‘can we get this or that in blue, green’ or something. You guys may use all the stuff included but please stick to the rules and credit me if my creations will be incorporated and published in future releases: All files are copyright © 2013 by Jan Hoefermann (HF)"

HotelFox, http://www.cleared4takeoff.de

Click the attachment below to download the addon.
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