[ALPHA]OpenYS 2.0

Note that alterations to the YSFlight .EXE is forbidden
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[ALPHA]OpenYS 2.0

Post by Flake » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:29 am

Current Version: ALPHA_20190220233320
This build adds a debug.txt file output, and changes the way things work with confirmations sending of packets. I don't know if the problems will be solves yet but we should be getting closer with this information.


I am aware of a few "MoveNext" enumerable errors that keep propping up, and how to fix them in future. I'll sort these out eventually. If you can create a bug, please screenshot the error and post to this thread for repair. ;)

Okay so I made a massive refactor of the data sending/receiving system, and I hope this works now.

I think i've sorted a race condition for locking when receiving - I was not locking the receiving tasks so multiple receives would happen at once and that would send everything out of sync - that actually can't be allowed to happen. The new solution is to have one master receiver that spins of multiple tasks when a new packet has been completed - it's practically the same really.

I'm not restricting data sends - you should be able to call sends multiple tasks at a time without locking. If that fails, I'll need to make a concurrent queue and have a master sender task, which won't take long to implement. I doubt that is the problem though. We'll see I guess.

Please give the server a test with your friends. Don't do anything fancy - I just want you to run the OYS server on port 7915 and let me know if your friends can join, login and fly without the server exploding your you and your friends flights disconnecting or ending in a fiery inferno.

The only changes between this version and last is the data input/output - and that's how each version from here will be until we're fully sorted out! ;)

In this update, you can use the Proxy Server to create formation flights with a potential distance lag solution.

This is very early days but the infrastructure is here.

To start a formation flight, the host should join the OYS Server normally with a username containing "#1".

All followers need to connect through the OYS Proxy ( to the hosts IP address (edit the settings.dat file). your username should be "#2", "#3" and so on up to a #9 limit.

You will be able to fly in formation so long as you are within 5 times your aircraft hitradius of the host aircraft ON YOUR SCREEN.

To see detailed information of your formation status, click the blue "formation" button in the OYS Proxy. These details are not visible in the server mode (yet).

Remember: You should edit your Settings.Dat to reflect what you want.

In this version you should be able to edit settings, change map and field etc by manual restart.

Players should be able to see each other join flight and leave flight, and also be able to send chat messages to the server.

The program is very basic right now and some of the more advanced features you'd expect from a server are missing: eg: day/night or weather.

Please let me know if you can make this program work for you and if you cannot please send a copy of your console bug reports or screenshots.